competitive edge

  • Real-time monitoring of temperature, electrical conductivity and calculated concrete strength on the secure web platform
  • Easy conversion of measurement data into Excel and PDF reports for deeper analysis
  • ConSensor’s sponsorship program for research and educational organizations

ConSensor advantages

Project data

  • Publication: “Influence of silanes on the setting time and early age hardening of bulk hydrophobic mortars”. Details
  • Research organization: ULB-VUB Brussels, Belgium
  • Department: 4MAT; BATir
  • Researchers: Nenad Milenkovic, Jean-Paul Lecomte, Brice Delsaute, Marie-Paule Delplancke, Stephanie Staquet
  • Notable: Universities and research organizations at home and abroad use ConSensor

Insight in the setting process with ConSensor
Researchers at ULB-VUB (Brussels) showed that ConSensor helps teams easily infer the setting of concrete from its electrical conductivity.

Explanation of the graphs
The figures above compare the results of the penetration resistance measurement with both electrical conductivity and compressive strength. For each mixture composition, electrical conductivity starts descending at the same time as the concrete begins to set. The curve’s change from concave to convex shows that setting has ended. The moment when the compressive strength begins to develop also coincides with the end of the setting period.