Advanced concrete sensor
ConSensor’s measurement system has no equal because it uses two measuring methods: weighted maturity and electrical conductivity.

ConSensor launched an advanced concrete sensor in 2010 that measures not once, but twice. Measuring both weighted maturity and electrical conductivity makes ConSensor ideal for a wide range of applications in concrete construction.

The ConSensor technology gives every construction team insight into all aspects of concrete’s hardening process, no matter the location.

Technical advantages

  • Monitoring the entire concrete cycle with one system: starting with preparation (concrete mix, calibration curve), followed by construction itself (setting time, hardening) and through its lifespan (quality assurance of set concrete on the basis of conductivity data).
  • The system gives greater insight into concrete hardening by combining two measurement methods, weighted maturity and electrical conductivity.
  • The DataBox is simple to install and operate, with just a button to push and a warning LED light. And you can charge it while in use.
  • The compact size and different lengths of the sensors make them easy to deploy anywhere in the construction, even in underwater concrete or mass concrete, reliably sending measurement data for years beyond the lifespan of wireless sensors at 10–20% of the cost.
  • ConSensor starts measuring automatically as soon as the concrete is poured.
  • In the concrete lab, ConSensor automatically calculates calibration curves and makes them available online in real time for measurements at the construction site. Even when the calibration curve isn’t ready yet, measuring can start on the building site. As soon as the calibration curve is ready, ConSensor starts showing the strength of the concrete on site.
  • Measuring concrete strength with ConSensor is faster, cheaper, easier and more reliable than measuring the compressive strength of cubes hardened at the construction site.
  • Temperature, conductivity, calculated concrete strength and other parameters appear on the web platform in real time.
  • Web platform is easy to navigate, intuitive and user-friendly. Our users tell us they seldom need the manual.
  • When the sensors detect the strength target or temperature limits that you’ve set, ConSensor sends text messages to your team.
  • ConSensor lets you produce reports as PDF files for project administration and Excel files for further analysis. 


Quality assurance
ConSensor gives every construction project a boost. Its technical advantages pay financial dividends throughout the construction process by:

  • Providing reliable data that enable clear decisions
  • Reducing risk
  • Increasing project efficiency
  • Providing post-project proof that construction meets requirements

Quality assurance keeps adding value over the long term.

Positive return
An investment in ConSensor quickly pays for itself. By implementing a system that features state-of-the-art technology, you also invest in your team’s potential to innovate, collaborate and grow. As they become more adept at gaining insights into the construction process, you’ll see improved quality of work, higher productivity, better performance and greater job satisfaction.

Sustainable construction
Contributing to making construction more sustainable is one of our ultimate goals. For example, measuring the progress of concrete hardening lets you adapt the concrete mix to weather conditions, which can reduce the amount of cement used and, as a result, CO2 emissions. ConSensor also excels at monitoring alternative cement-free mixes like geo-polymer concrete.

Economic advantages

  • Saving time and money with reliable measurement data for:
    • Fine-tuning and cycle times
    • Pre-stressing at the ideal moment
    • Removing formwork or reshoring of props
    • Optimizing your concrete mix
    • Maximizing efficient use of construction materials
  • Saving time and money because of team efficiency that stems from:
    • Clear insights into the measurement data, streamlined communication and better collaboration between contractor, builder, concrete technologist, formwork supplier and concrete plant
    • Increased job satisfaction and reduced risk of errors that develop with increased quality awareness
    • Producing Excel and PDF reports in one click to show that requirements were met, making it easy to communicate with stakeholders
  • ConSensor is a workhorse that pays for itself quickly, with its inexpensive sensors and a DataBox that hardly needs maintenance.


Build with confidence
The construction industry is changing at a rapid pace because of new technologies like 3D printing in concrete, increased use of prefab elements, and the introduction of new binders like geopolymers. Environmental requirements, such as reducing CO2 and nitrous oxide emissions, also demand a new way of working. Technology can help you address these new opportunities and challenges.

Through years of field-testing, listening to our customers and refining product and systems, ConSensor has become an indispensable device that is reliable, sturdy, and nearly foolproof for any challenge you face. ConSensor helps your team share information and communicate efficiently, wherever they are.

Strive for perfection
Partnering with multiple research institutions, including technical universities and engineering firms, we strive to continuously improve our products and services and develop new methods for measuring concrete. That puts ConSensor ahead of the curve in bringing new technologies for measuring the properties of concrete to the construction site.

We’ll keep striving towards perfection so you can stay confident about the cutting-edge technology you’re harnessing with such a reliable and easy-to-use tool.

Yet ConSensor isn’t just a dynamic tool in your toolkit. As a virtual member of your team and with extensive knowledge of concrete and current technological developments, we enjoy the challenge of finding solutions to the questions you bring us.