In practice

Easy to install and use

ConSensor is developed together with and for experts in concrete construction. The system is sturdy, simple to use and requires little maintenance. Its versatility means that it can be used anywhere: for underwater concrete as well as for the highest prefab residential tower in the world. With ConSensor on the job, teams make fewer mistakes and construction proceeds more efficiently.

Intuitive web platform
Because the web platform is easy to navigate, creating a calibration curve requires no special skills. The same applies to managing the various projects and measurements on site.

Simple calibration
Creating a calibration curve for a particular concrete mix is straightforward:

  1. Fill at least 5 cubes with the concrete mix.
  2. Measure temperature and conductivity of one of the cubes with ConSensor.
  3. Run the usual compression tests, for example on days 1, 3, 7, 14 and 21.
  4. Enter the compression data on the web platform.

The calibration curve appears after a few clicks of the mouse.

Simple installation at the construction site

Installation is easy:

  1. Attach the sensor’s feeler and cable with a tie-wraps to the reinforcement.
  2. Insert the sensor’s plug into the DataBox.
  3. On the DataBox, push the button.

The LED light on the DataBox provides direct info about battery, measurements and data transmission status.

Automatic start
As soon as the concrete is poured, ConSensor starts measuring. This ensures that you’re taking neither too many nor too few measurements, which is essential when using the weighted maturity method. And your team has one less thing to worry about.