ConSensor is an advanced concrete strength sensor. ConSensor simultaneously calculates the compressive strength of curing concrete in two ways: by the concrete’s weighted maturity and by its conductivity. The measurement data from these methods is available in real time on a secure web platform using a PC, tablet or smartphone. ConSensor can also send you text messages when significant thresholds are met.

ConSensor is ideal for most applications in concrete construction. ConSensor offers distinct advantages over other measuring systems by combining two measuring methods that together provide greater clarity about underlying issues. For example, a variance in strength measurements between the weighted maturity and the conductivity methods might indicate that the concrete mix is different or that the concrete was poured too late. ConSensor’s measurement data gives the construction team the information it needs to respond quickly and appropriately.

> Measure concrete strength in real time 

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Unlike other systems, ConSensor employs 2 separate strength indicators:

  1. Temperature, using the weighted maturity method (NEN 5970)
  2. Electrical conductivity, which diminishes proportionally to the hardening of the concrete.

Two calibration curves determine the:

  • Relationship of compressive strength to weighted maturity
  • Relationship of compressive strength to conductivity

When a concrete mix is selected for the building site, the corresponding calibration line is automatically selected as well.

ConSensor equipment has been developed with and for experts in concrete construction. The system is robust, easy to use and usable anywhere: from underwater concrete to the tallest prefab residential tower in the world.

> 2 measurement methods tell you all about setting, hardening and long-term quality

The ConSensor equipment is perfect for most applications in concrete construction, including:

  •  Making calibration lines in the concrete lab
  • Shortening cycle times for:o Removing formwork
    • Reshoring of props
    • Pre-stressing
    • Loading the structure
  • Optimising the concrete mix
  • Monitoring:
    • Temperature or temperature gradient
    • Moisture / chloride ingress over time
  • Quality assurance
  • Determining the setting time

ConSensor gives every construction project a boost. Its technical advantages lead to economic benefits, and both have a profound impact on the construction process. ConSensor lets you easily:

  • Make the right decision based on reliable data
  • Avoid losing valuable time
  • Avoid unnecessary risks
  • Work efficiently and demonstrate afterwards that the result meets requirements

> Technical and financial advantages

Users praise ConSensor’s ease of use and the level of insight ConSensor provides as the concrete hardens. Those who use ConSensor make fewer mistakes and work more efficiently, increasing job satisfaction along the way.

User-friendly features:

  • Intuitive web platform: It’s immediately clear how the web platform can be used, from creating a calibration curve to managing various projects: “It already feels familiar after using it once”.
  • Easy calibration: Creating a calibration curve on the web platform is an intuitive, straightforward process
  • Simple installation: With the push of a button, the system activates, and measuring automatically starts as soon as the concrete has been poured.

We use wired sensors for three reasons: 

  • Reliability: When a device has to make a wireless connection through concrete with steel reinforcement, the signal has a hard time getting through. And when battery power gets low, you lose the signal forever. So only wired sensors can be used for long-term quality monitoring. 
  • Convenience: It seems easy to just put a small device in the concrete without any cables and hassles, but then you have to get quite close to it to read it out. Using ConSensor’s wired devices with standard cable lengths of up to 10 metres, you can measure anywhere—even underwater—and the data is sent directly to the internet and available always, everywhere, and for everyone on the project. 
  • Cost: The cost of our wired sensors is about 10% to 20% of the cost of wireless sensors. And why waste the electronics and battery? Putting the electronics outside the concrete saves resources and money. 

Users follow the measurement data in real time on ConSensor’s secure web platform using a smartphone, tablet or computer. The data for each project is delivered:

  • In clear graphs and tables
  • Via text messages about the temperature and when the target strength is reached, for example
  • As measurements at the construction site and as PDF or Excel reports on concrete mixes and calibration lines

> Reliable, cutting-edge sensor technology

You can rent the ConSensor system for a trial period.

Rental includes:

  • Account on the web platform
  • Use of the web platform by multiple users
  • Data communication between DataBox and web platform
  • Phone and e-mail support

Rental doesn’t include:

  • Single-use sensors
  • Shipping costs

If the rented DataBox is purchased, part of the rent is deducted from the list price.

> Request an estimate

We work with concrete consultants and distributors in several countries. Want to learn more?

The primary terms are:

  • Two-year warranty on manufacturing and design defects
  • Annual subscription: includes data communication and (remote) support
  • Delivery time for sensors:
    • Standard lengths (1.5, 3 and 10 meters): 5 business days
    • Lengths exceeding 10 meters: upon request
  • Delivery time for up to 5 Databoxes: 5 business days
  • VAT and shipping costs not included
  • Orders over 500 euros: free delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Payment term: 30 days net