The new standard in concrete strength measurement


The ConSensor 2.0 concrete strength sensor calculates the strength of curing concrete in two different ways: with the weighted maturity method and with the conductivity method. The measurement data (temperature and conductivity) are transmitted to the Internet via GPRS. All projects and measurements are created and monitored via the website on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Important alerts are sent as a text message.

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By combining two methods – weighted maturity and conductivity – the ConSensor 2.0 gives the user more certainty. In addition it is possible to use the ConSensor 2.0 for special applications, such as monitoring the setting of concrete during the first few hours or detecting possible deviations of the concrete mixture, if there are measurable differences between the strength according to the weighted maturity and the conductivity.

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ConSensor is a leader in terms of new technologies for measuring the properties of concrete. For example, the conductivity method is by ConSensor patented and developed in collaboration with the TU Delft. This method is now used in many countries. And ConSensor introduced as one of the first in 2009 the opportunity to read over the internet. Concrete strength from See Specials and innovations


Technical developments offer new opportunities, and changes in the market create new needs. Sometimes specific measurement questions and suggestions from users or dealers are a reason for modifications or for developing dedicated sensors. ConSensor collaborates with universities and engineering firms constantly to develop new sensors and systems that will meet the needs of our customers. For examples, see Specials and innovations and Downloads.

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