competitive edge

  • Collaboration of three contractors of two different nationalities was facilitated by granting them access to the ConSensor data
  • Text messages that alert the foreman when the desired strength is reached and teamwide access to the full array of real-time data
  • Reliable measurements that enable the foreman to determine the right moment for pre-stressing the bridge segments

ConSensor advantages

Project data

Working from both sides at once
Individual segments form the bridge spanning the Waal at the A50 overpass near Ewijk-Valburg. Working from both sides of the river, contractors Mobilis, Dywidag and Van Gelder slid the segments using gigantic hydraulic cylinders, pushing each segment, end to end, across the top of the pillars from the shore to their final position. The final, middle section of the span was then poured in place.

Pre-stressing of bridge segments
Throughout construction, ConSensor tracked when the concrete was strong enough to pre-stress each segment. Pre-stressing is always a delicate and risky process, but ConSensor’s reliable data gave the team clarity and confidence. ConSensor also measured the hardening of the 50-metre-high pillars, letting the team monitor concrete hardening in real time on the web platform so that it could determine its readiness for the weight of the spans. ConSensor alerted the foreman with a text message as soon as the sensors gauged that the desired strength was nearly reached so that he could alert the crew to start the next stage.