competitive edge

  • Team access to any and all data in real time
  • Mobile notifications when the concrete reaches its target strength
  • Reliable, real-time measurements let the user determine the right moment for pre-stressing

ConSensor advantages

Project data

Passive, innovative and with BREAAM Outstanding certification
Four impressive office towers comprise a single building with vast expanses of column-free space in the heart of Brussels. This innovative project will produce a passive building and obtain BREEAM Outstanding certification.

Pre-stressing remains a tense process
Pre-stressed concrete is key to the large floor spans. To pre-stress concrete at the specified level of concrete strength requires reliable strength measurements and precision timing.

That’s where ConSensor comes in. In real time, the project manager tracks the hardening of the concrete at the anchorage points on each floor of the building. When the concrete reaches the needed strength, ConSensor sends a text message to the site manager so they can start pre-stressing it.