competitive edge

  • Automatic generation of calibration curves that minimizes mistakes
  • Automatic initiation of measurements and data processing to accurately register the concrete’s maturity
  • Online availability of the calibration curve at the building site and everywhere

ConSensor advantages

Generating calibration curves automatically
ConSensor was the first concrete sensor system to use an innovative way for generating calibration curves. This user-friendly technique reduces errors because measurements and calculations are made automatically in real time on the ConSensor web platform. Simple and effective, it works as follows:

  1. Enter the concrete mix specifications on the web platform.
  2. Place a sensor in one of the measuring cubes to measure the exact temperature and electrical conductivity.
  3. Compress the measuring cubes in the usual way and enter the compressive strength data on the web platform.
  4. After completion of the last compression test, follow the navigation instructions on the web platform to have it automatically generate the calibration curves for weighted maturity (NEN 5970) and electrical conductivity.
  5. For measurements at the building site, choose the appropriate concrete mix, and ConSensor will automatically choose the right calibration curve.

Automatically loading the calibration curve
The ConSensor technology minimizes the risk of entering incorrect numbers or making other mistakes. When you make a calibration curve for a certain concrete mix, the resulting calibration is associated exclusively with this concrete mix. ConSensor automatically loads the correct calibration curve for any mix you choose for use on the building site.

ConSensor is ready to measure at any time
Sensors can start measuring the concrete on the building site even before the calibration curve is generated. ConSensor stores the measurements and starts calculating the strength as soon as the calibration curve is available.