ConSensor introduces the DataBox 4S which can read out 1 to 4 sensors. Each sensor can be used independently. For example, it is possible to test four different concrete mixtures with one DataBox 4S or to perform 4 different measurements on site. The data of the 4 separate measurements can then be compared in one graph. This makes it immediately clear what the result of the various measurements is and allows for instance monitoring the concrete temperature gradient in real time.
It is also possible to positively influence the curing process of the concrete using the ConSensor Switch: based on the sensor data the concrete can be cooled or heated where necessary.

Jan de Nul – Galère is one of the first customers to work with the DataBox 4S. In preparation of the pour of a mass concrete foundation, temperature gradients are tested in different mass concrete blocks of 1 m3, so that the actual construction will be carried out efficiently and with certainty.