Specials and Innovations

ConSensConSensor BV has more to offer than only the ConSensor 2.0 concrete strength sensor. We develop special sensor systems at the request or together with our customers.

Below some concepts that are being developed. If there is sufficient interest these systems can be taken in production.

  • Moisture Sensor for floors (is the floor dry enough to put on the carpeting or other floor covering?) A simple and affordable sensor that can be read-out with a smartphone.
  • Low cost vibration / displacement sensor for instance for monitoring buildings or infrastructure. Data available via internet.
  • Chloride sensor for concrete, read out on-site or via internet.
  • RFID sensors. There are many of these on the market, but most are too expensive and complex, and not resistant to the conditions on a building site.
  • Affordable and easy to use temperature sensors, read out via internet or LAN, different solutions possible.
  • Permeability. There are different sensors for this we are looking at, but long term measurements with the ConSensor 2.0 may give an indication of the permeability.
  • Measuring always has a goal; to monitor or control something, check whether it meets a certain requirement. Is there something you need to monitor but you didn’t find a suitable sensor yet? Please contact us.