ConSensor stands for:

  • Quality

Measuring strength of concrete is time-critical. It is important for safety and costs are concerned. The equipment has to function always, and function well. ConSensor selects the most reliable partners for supplying products and services. And if nevertheless something does go wrong, we get to the bottom of it. And we don’t rest until it is solved.

  • Knowledge

We develop new knowledge together with universities, researchers, and our business partners, and we transfer this knowledge to the users of our products and services, in a clear and comprehensible way, with workshops, articles, videos and application notes.

  • Innovation

A temperature alert? A one-mouse-click pdf report? Control heating or cooling of concrete? We stay in touch with our customers and translate their needs in new features of our products an website.

We cooperate with technical universities and knowledge institutes in the development of new types of sensors, for instance for chloride measurement, or for further enhancement of the conductivity and maturity methods.

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