• Certainty

By using the ConSensor 2.0 the user has accurate information about the strength of the concrete at any time. For instance certainty about reaching the strength required for removing the formwork. Or certainty that the concrete is not getting too hot or too cold.

  • Text messages

On the website users can set text message alerts for high or low temperatures, or for when the desired strength has been reached.

  • Building process

Knowing the speed of concrete curing gives grip on the planning.

  • Mix design

By comparing the actual strength development with the requirements, the mix design can be adapted to combine optimum performance with the lowest cost.

  • Easy of use

Using the website is self-explanatory (but a manual is available on the website itself).

  • World-wide

ConSensor 2.0 DataBoxes can be used world-wide and always make use of the best available cellular network.

  • Always saved

If a DataBox temporarily loses connection, the data will be saved in the DataBox and sent to the website once connection is restored.

  • PDF report

With one mouse click the website generates a full pdf project report for the customer or for archiving.

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